AIIC Covid-19 Distance Interpreting Recommendations for Institutions and DI Hubs

AIIC has prepared a set of guidelines for institutions and DI hubs using distance interpreting during the Covid-19 pandemic

At this time of unprecedented uncertainty, AIIC is committed to helping its members and all conference interpreters meet and adapt to the multifaceted linguistic challenges that international organisations are facing all over the world.  

AIIC's primary concern is the health and well-being of interpreters and the protection of public health. AIIC recognises that, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, face-to-face interpreting scenarios may constitute a public health risk, and as such, specific forms of distance interpreting (DI) may be the only way to enable multilingualism, a core value that underpins the Association. 

It is imperative that AIIC consider all DI options that safeguard interpreter health whilst enabling multilingual institutions to keep functioning. These options include interpreters working from DI hubs or even, in extremis, from their own premises (e.g. via a cloud-based platform) where no other options are available due to public health, legal and/or official restrictions.

AIIC's Taskforce on Distance Interpreting has therefore prepared a set of recommendations for institutions and DI hubs based on AIIC's guiding principles.

The recommendations include:

  • Distance interpreting modalities should meet AIIC's technical specifications as well as the relevant ISO standards;
  • Where interpreters work from their place of employment or at an offsite remote hub, it is incumbent upon the employer to take all necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of their employees, including interpreters and technical staff;
  • Organisers need to be aware of different possible DI modalities and setups in order to choose the most appropriate option to allow them to keep functioning in the Covid-19 pandemic, options that may include using cloud-based platforms for audiovisual signal distribution from and to their HQ’s (DI hub) or alternatively to use fully cloud-based solutions with their accredited interpreters; 
  • Stakeholders need to share ideas, solutions, best practices and tests results with each other: AIIC is making its own results of cloud-based platforms available to relevant stakeholders upon request to the AIIC Secretariat (;  
  • Speakers using remote platforms should be mindful of the additional challenges for the interpreters, and follow a set of tips included in the recommendations;
  • While it is recommended that interpreters be co-located with active participants and their team, it may be necessary to work from their own premises using cloud-based remote interpreting platforms. In such cases the platform provider or contracting party should be responsible for the quality of the technical aspects of the interpreting process, for data security, and provide the interpreter with necessary documents and information; 
  • The interpreter should be provided with visual inputs: this is especially true for sign language interpreters, who have additional specific requirements for visual inputs;
  • Institutions shall provide interpreters with a professional disclaimer that exempts interpreters working from own premises in extremis from liability for interruption of service, inter alia.  

For the full set of recommendations, please download AIIC Covid-19 Distance Interpreting Recommendations for Institutions and DI Hubs.

Recommendations will be updated throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.